Gilgamesh Lyrics
all lyrics copyright 2000 by Tony Garone

These lyrics are an interpretation of the Epic and are based on original translations from the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Akkadian texts by scholars. 

I did take some liberties in my interpretation and presentation of this material in that in some instances I've "mixed and matched" the Sumerian and Babylonian nomenclatures for their gods depending on how they worked within the lyric pattern. I also took liberties with the emotional portrayal of Gilgamesh himself (were he an actual king or legend) so in this light I strongly recommend you examine additional material for a more historically accurate portrayal.


An example of this would be my interpretation of the part of the story where Siduri encounters Gilgamesh. In the original text, through his desperation, Gilgamesh terrifies her. I changed the intent of the meeting between the two based on a Babylonian version of the story that presents a very different interpretation of this event. Please understand this is the only song in which I took such liberties. For the remainder of the album I attempted to remain true to the original story.

I am by no means a scholar or historian on Mesopotamia and its cultural underpinnings but I am intrigued by this story and its relation to the time period.

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