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Artwork “Queequeg” © George Klauba  -


Head peddling island savage 

Tattooed from head to toe to nose ring 

to nose ring 


Clutching his tomahawk 

I can’t help wondering about him 

to fear him 


Queequeg - the savage harpooneer! 

Queequeg - the object of my fear! 


Kneeling before his idol 

His dark and heathen ways escape me 

(How can I understand?) intrigue me (He’s from another land!) 


I start to wonder ‘bout him 

He seems a decent chap to be with 

(He seems to understand) to be with (the God in every man) 


Queequeg - the savage harpooneer 

Queequeg - my ignorance is clear 


(Musical Interlude) 


Queequeg - The savage harpooneer 

Queequeg - My ignorance is clear 


And as I grow to know him 

His pagan ways evolve beyond me 

(his ways are not our own) and through me (therefore he stands alone) 


But who am I to judge him? 

His truth is his alone to ponder 

(his truth is not our own) His rainbow (therefore he stands alone) 


Queequeg - the savage harponeer 

Queequeg - a friend I hold so dear 


music and lyrics © 2010 by Tony Garone

Produced by Anthony Garone and William Brown

recorded at Cow Pilot Studios (AZ) and First Wave Digital (NY) 


Tony Garone - vocals, guitars, keyboards

Kenny Garone - chapman stick

Annmarie Garone - vocals

Johnny Monkey - tin whistle

William Brown - electric guitar

Casey Carney - drums and percussion 

PJ Cardinal - keyboards

Marcos Viveros - violin 

Rex Lorganthrip - Steel Drums



What is this song about? 


“Man can embody truth but he cannot know it.” 

- William Butler Yeats 


Covered with a labyrinth of tattoos, Queequeg was the physical embodiment of his religion. A shaman, we are told, inscribed Queequeg’s body with the stories of his mythos. Yet Queequeg was unaware of the theology of his belief system as he lived a simple life worshipping his “pagan” god, Yoyo. 


Unlike Ahab, Queequeg did not quest to find the meaning of the Universe, he was simply part of it. 


Upon first meeting Queequeg Ishmael was terrified. Queequeg was different from anyone in Nantucket or anywhere else for that matter. Like most of us, Ishmael feared what he did not understand. But unlike most of us, eventually Ishmael began to accept Queequeg’s culture and they became inseparable friends. Ishmael had an open mind and an open heart and learned to accept others for who they were. This song attempts to convey Ishmael's transformation from ignorance to understanding.

Queequeg (The Savage Harpooneer)

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