The Stoneless Grave of Bulkington

This is the stoneless grave of Bulkington 

The land was scorching to his feet 

He seeks no comfort in the prison we call land 

He seeks his answer from the sea. 


Take heart dear Bulkington, 

How alike are you and me! 


Should my soul be dashed upon the shore 

It would have been out on the sea 

Should I perish in the howling infinite 

A fitting end it would be. 


Goodbye dear Bulkington, 

How alike are you and me! 

Farewell dear Demigod 

Indefinite are we. 


music and lyrics © 2010 by Tony Garone

Produced by Anthony Garone and William Brown

recorded at Cow Pilot Studios (AZ) and First Wave Digital (NY) 


Tony Garone - vocals, acoustic guitars

Johnny Monkey- bass guitar 

Mike Jabin - keyboards

Dave Helfand - celtic harp


What is this song about? 


For those of you who have read Moby Dick, Bulkington was a minor character mentioned briefly in Chapter 3 and then again in chapter 23. The chapter dedicated to him is only four paragraphs and does not bear his name. Yet for me he was one of the most important people in the book as he was forever searching for his truth. He may never have found it but recognized the journey was the reward. 


Bulkington died shortly after this chapter brought him to us.