Location: CHINA


Bhanda walks towards me now

A weapon in his hand

I find the inner courage now

To pray for this man

Quan Yin – protect me from this night


Quan Yin – spare me from this night

I see his trembling form before me

Slowly back away

The Bodhisattva heard my prayers – saved I am today!



Instrumentation and vocals: Tony Garone

​Music and lyrics by Tony Garone ©2013


Fearing he would be incriminated and executed by the Emperor, Xuanzang's guide, Bhanda, attempted to murder him as he was sleeping. Indeed, the penalty for such disobedience was death! Overwhelmed increasingly by fear and paranoia, Bhanda drew his sword to kill the venerable monk. Xuanzang was not sleeping but was meditating and became aware of what Bhanda was doing. Being a man of incredible faith he prayed to Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva of mercy. Bhanda suddenly stopped his advances and slowly backed away, put away his sword and fell back to sleep. In the morning, they parted ways and Xuanzang promised not to incriminate Bhanda, even if he were captured.


I tried to convey a sense of ominous foreboding and trepidation through the music and vocal in this song.