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The Roan Horse

Location: CHINA


This song is an instrumental


Instrumentation - Tony Garone

​Music and lyrics by Tony Garone ©2013



Before leaving on his journey, a soothsayer told Xuanzang that he saw him crossing the Taklamakan desert on a roan horse. When Xuanzang was about to leave for the desert a blind man approached him with a very skinny roan horse. Xuanzang carefully entertained the prophecy and traded his perfectly healthy horse for the blind man's horse. He did so because the blind man was poor and could sell Xuanzang's horse for food and because the blind man told Xuanzang that his old horse had crossed the Taklamakan desert many times and survived. 

As Xuanzang was crossing the desert he was unable to find water and began to perish. He let the horse go and decided to follow it, knowing that animals have a sixth sense about finding water and miraculously the horse found water and he was saved! Xuanzang's story presents several miracles that save his life and he attributed this to the benevolent Bodhisattvas to which he prayed.

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