Location: PERSIA


It was faith that made them
Pure devotion.
It was love that built them
And now they lay in ruin

It was hate that killed them
Blind devotion
Born of ignorance
And these will lay in ruin

When their eyes are opened
When their hearts are softened
When their minds have realized
What they have done

It was love that made us
Pure devotion
It is love that binds us
On the ocean of compassion and understanding



Instrumentation and vocals: Tony Garone

Music and lyrics ©2013 by Tony Garone



This is a very simple song, but it's very personal and therefore out of context with the ethnicity of the album. It's my painful lament for the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhist statues by the Taliban. Xuanzang was the first pilgrim to write about them and it burns my soul when people do such blind, ignorant, thoughtless, and horrible things. So I felt compelled to write about it. It fits within the context of the album, but it is my personal thoughts on their destruction.

Lament for the Bamiyan Buddhas