Location: PERSIA


I weep before my own faith

To see his shadow one day

And bow my head now and pray


One hundred times I will pray

Prostrate myself as I may

Two hundred times I must pray


I see his form shining bright

My soul is bathed in his light



Instrumentation and vocals: Tony Garone

​Music and lyrics by Tony Garone ©2013

Photograph: Amy Bates-Garone



As Xuanzang entered Persia he went to a sacred cave where a statue of the Buddha was kept. It was said that, when the devout prayed in earnest to the statue, the shadow of the Buddha would present itself on the wall of the cave. This was accomplished by the radiant glow of the statue propagated by the prayers of the devout. 


Xuanzang entered the cave and began to recite one hundred Sutras but nothing happened. He attributed this to his lack of faith and wept. Composing himself, undaunted, he continued to pray and recited two hundred more Sutras. Suddenly, the cave was filled with a radiance as the statue began to emanate a golden light. Xuanzang witnessed the shadow of the Buddha cast on the east wall of the cave and rejoiced in his soul.