Location: CHINA


As Bhanda leads the path before me

I hold my breath with each step I take

As we approach the watchtowers I'm on my way to the Jade Gate


I pray to the Bodhisattva

The spirit leads the way

This is the first leg of my journey

The sacred is so far away

So far away


We slip beyond the watch towers

And now I see the Jade Gate

This is the first leg of my journey

The sacred is so far away


Instrumentation, crickets and voice - Tony Garone

Drums and percussion - Casey Carney

Music and lyrics by Tony Garone ©2013



This song begins with the sound of crickets and night callers because the Emperor had decreed it illegal to leave the empire for the west forcing Xuanzang to travel at night. The Emperor’s decree was for people’s protection as the Silk Road was a very dangerous way to travel. As Xuanzang prayed in one of the temples he was approached by a man who offered to take him to the end of the empire (past 5 watch towers to the Jade Gate). So they left at night and travelled many miles through the kingdom, which included miles of desert, to reach the Jade Gate. Once they passed the gate, they began the most dangerous part of their journey.

Escape from Chang'an