Location: CHINA


Fourteen years have passed away
Since I left my home
I have travelled many miles 
To places then unknown

All along the search for truth
in my heart and in my soul
the Dharma made my very path
Paved the way for me to go

Now I have returned at last
The Emperor has welcomed me
I carry scriptures on my back
And in my heart enlighten me

Now the task before my hands
Is greater than before
Translate every precious word
Enlightenment for one and all


Instrumentation and vocals - Tony Garone

Music and lyrics ©2013 by Tony Garone



Xuanzang returned to his home; the city of Chang'an in the Tang dynasty. The emperor recognized what Xuanzang had done and embraced Xuanzang as a hero as did the entire empire. He offered Xuanzang a position as ambassador for the Tang dynasty but Xuanzang refused because he recognized he had to translate the thousands of texts he brought back with him from India (as the texts were in Sanskrit). The Emperor built a temple for him and gave him one hundred monks to assist with the translation which Xuanzang worked on until he died.